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A man of low standards in reguards to sexual partners. A true Shagnasty will quite happily have sex with someone he finds physically repulsive. A shagnasty never admits to sleeping with ugly girls and to most people may seem completly celabet.
"you hear about john?"
"what happened..?"
"He got caught at the old peoples home trying to organise a geriactric orgy."
"lol, that guy's a shagnasty"
by Snowee February 12, 2008
Unpleasant, grimy, unhygeinic, generally undesirable. Can be used as a verb or an adjective.
Oi, Shagnasty.
You spunk swallowing shagnasty fuckpig.
by titwanker April 10, 2003
Usually used as a proper noun (someone's name) to show disdain, contempt. Also used in jest on acquaintances.
Hey Shagnasty! Get us a beer in, will you?
You shut yer fuckin' trap, Shagnasty!
by Ant August 08, 2003
Verb used to describe a person who does especially kinky or dirty sexual acts.
Yes, I do believe he is the kind of person that would shag nasty.
by Justin Horton February 17, 2008
Word used to describe individual or object that exudes excessive sexual prowess. Can also describe dance move, item of clothing, group of people etc.
"Those Radpad Girls are so shagnasty"
"Giiiirl those thigh-highs are shag-nasty"
by superkitty69 September 28, 2012
Someone or something that's so mean that they will fight or act with merciless intent to get want they want or accomplish.
Did see Alan in that fight? Yeah, I don't want to mess with him because he's freaking shag nasty when he gets in a scuffle.
by Tribal_Warfare July 01, 2010
Shag nasty

A person whose hair hasn't been washed or cut in so long it looks like slimy dreadlocks and their also not very neat in the appearance of their clothes
Dude go do something with your head you look like a shag nasty
by jqueen September 19, 2009
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