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Shag nasty

A person whose hair hasn't been washed or cut in so long it looks like slimy dreadlocks and their also not very neat in the appearance of their clothes
Dude go do something with your head you look like a shag nasty
by jqueen September 19, 2009
1 4
something that is really good
Man that weed is totally shagnasty!
by Col. Angus September 23, 2007
13 21
Freakin' awesome. Anything that is deserving of a title stronger than 'cool' and in a positive sense.
"That new shirt is shagnasty, bro"
"Yo, Mr. Holland is the shagnasticator for shizzle!"
by Tmoney February 16, 2005
21 29
The state of being horriable, worse then nasty
dude that is one shagnasty gash on your knee
by magicalfuller September 22, 2006
7 16
derrty or someone who gets lots of action
that jenna jameson's real shagnasty
by vanila waffa aka da rock February 16, 2005
3 13
Like choad and taint, this word describes the wonderland between a person's genitalia and a-hole. "Shag," because it's hairy, and "nasty," because, well, look at it!
My shagnasty is itchy again. Can I borrow your fork?
by Just Joe September 07, 2003
5 18