A period of prolonged drinking leading to intoxication
Student to friend: "Are you up for a session?"
by Huzz September 17, 2006
1. (noun) In traditional Irish/Scottish music circles, an informal gathering of musicians for the purposes of playing tunes, having a few drinks, and socializing. A related (but not identical) term would be "jam session."
2. (verb) To play traditional music with another musician.
1. I'm going to bring my fiddle to the session in the hopes of getting in some tunes.
2. When the Chieftains came to town, we all sessioned until 3 A.M.
by Omra Ni'Rosach October 20, 2005
short for a chill session, word used to descirbe a hangout with a guy and a girl that apparently isn't a date though in just about every way it is.
Guy 1: Ey yo brah, how was that date with J?

Guy 2: Ey yo mayne, i thought it was a date, but she says it was just a session... Sad face
by qwertyqwert2 March 24, 2009
Could also be used as a noun to describe the amount of weed you have grinded up for a particuclar smoking occasion (could also be called a session)
"Man I've only got like a .1 left in this session. I'll hit you on a bowl tommorow don't worry"
by BakedGood420 January 24, 2010
A severe reaction to something.
To have a conniption or a fit about something.
I told my manager I needed Friday off and he had a session.
by $Philhouse$ September 10, 2010
a beatdown in order to get wanted information
i had one hell of a session in there. they beat it all out of me.
the beatdown was to much to bear.
by axman August 30, 2010
A period of time during which one gets completely wasted on one of the following drugs; Ecstasy Speed/Amphetamines Magic Mushrooms, LSD, Ketamine, Poppers or Cocaine, usually in combination with copious quantities of alcohol.
(usually Jack Daniels or six-for-a-fiver)
This can be done whilst listening to CDs or watching DVDs.
A session lasts up to three days and three nights in length. When a session reaches this threshold it officially becomes a bender.
'Great session man, I'm so trashed I'll have to call in sick tomorrow!'
by Katherine23 April 12, 2006

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