A severe reaction to something.
To have a conniption or a fit about something.
I told my manager I needed Friday off and he had a session.
by $Philhouse$ September 10, 2010
a beatdown in order to get wanted information
i had one hell of a session in there. they beat it all out of me.
the beatdown was to much to bear.
by axman August 30, 2010
another word for "scenes put together" used for skateboarding, snowboarders, photographers etc.

For skaters and snowboarders it means more or less the same as go snow/skate/boarding.

For photographers it means taking several pictures of stuff, often the same thing, like taking several pictures of a skateboarder.
skate: lets have a night session tonight

photographer: lets make a photo session
by spydaman April 03, 2008
a period of time during which a group of bboys meet to practice their moves and battle one another.

May be done by themselves.
Yo, so what'd you do this weekend?
Damn, me and a whole bunch of bboys had a HUGE ass session down at the park.
by richie chan October 02, 2007
A placeholder verb used to describe an urge.
Dude, first I took that acid and I was feeling kinda nervous, now its just more of a "gimme a drink" kinda session.
by Carlos LeBongo February 16, 2007
probably the sickest verb ever invented, for skiers snowboarders, skaters and anyone really. it means, to take part in, have some (of) or to just use something
dude lets go session that rail

yo can i session some of that sandwich?

hey can i session some of your coke slurpee?

yo let me session some of that!
by parker Roe January 17, 2006
Can be either planned or not, if planned it is a period of time spent inside a liscensed premesis where the sole primary activity is to consume alcohol, most commonly beer. A session can also spontaneuosly occur from a swifty, when the killer phrase "fancy staying for another" is uttered.A session has no set time limits, but is mainly governed by alcohol tolerancy, kung-fu money, opening hours or a combination of the above. A session has no limits to participants, but any more than can fit round one table could be problematic. A solo sesison would only be considered for an alcoholic.Popular sustinence when in a session would be a range of bar snacks, such as crisps, pork scratchlings, or pub grub. When sessioning with freinds, purchasing drinks in rounds is a socially convienient method if not financially. A session is a truly British thing that can only truly be experienced in a british pub since I am yet to experience the warmth and atmosphere in foriegn pubs that would invite you to stay for longer.
Can also be known as a gary player/leo sayer cockney rhyming slang for all dayer
"Fancy going for a session down the fishermans sharpy?"

sharpy "Donohue you fancy staying for another"
*5 pints later*
"how did our swifty turn into a session, again"
by Donohue August 01, 2005

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