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A person who consistently sleeps with virgins i.e. removes their virginity or pops their cherry. Can be male or female.
Chris is such a devirginator, thats the fourth cherry he's popped this year.
by AnnieG August 10, 2005
Slang for delicious, in other words extremely tasty
Man that burger was dee-lish
by AnnieG August 09, 2005
This is when something interupts your buzz or high. This buzz is normally caused by alcohol or drugs or can be a natural high.
I was having a great time til the cops came and wrecked my buzz.
by AnnieG August 09, 2005
This is when something annoys to the point that you feel like your head is going to explode i.e. complete frustration
That Crazy Frog song wrecks my head.
by AnnieG August 09, 2005
A massive party usually a lot of alcohol and/or drugs and some loud music. Can involve drunken sing-a-longs.
There's a massive session in mine tomorrow night. Don't forget the beer bong and bongo's.
by AnnieG August 09, 2005
When your head is in a complete state of confusion or anger usually caused by another person.
Oh my God, why won't he ring me back?! My head is melted!
by AnnieG August 09, 2005
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