a beatdown in order to get wanted information
i had one hell of a session in there. they beat it all out of me.
the beatdown was to much to bear.
by axman August 30, 2010
a period of time during which a group of bboys meet to practice their moves and battle one another.

May be done by themselves.
Yo, so what'd you do this weekend?
Damn, me and a whole bunch of bboys had a HUGE ass session down at the park.
by richie chan September 26, 2007
to physically discipline your female with hand and/or foreign objects in order to correct improper behavior. Females usually bring "sessions" upon themselves for not listening.
So I came back to the doublewide and just wanted to sit down and drink some budweiser, my old woman started making a racket, so in order to calm her down, we had a "session"
by cynderacid April 26, 2003
To practice breakdancing.
Hey, let's go to Dorian's house and session!
by zzzzxyz January 10, 2009
To do something for a long time. Used as gangsta slang by me!
Yo you coming to session the swings?
Iv been sessioning that road for years!
Hey you wana come session my bike?
by Anon September 02, 2005
It is a code word that girls can use to tell other chicks they need to take a crap without guys knowing. It allows guys to maintain the fantasy that women are prefect, do not talk about poop or use the bathroom.
"Man, Sarah I really need a session, do you think you can drop me at my house and I will meet up with you guys later?"
by Valdeisum August 10, 2005

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