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Just the general name for any tobbaco proudct.
"yo toss me some batch man"

"yo got some batch?"
by BakedGood420 January 25, 2010
n. The term for the amount of tobacco you have mixed in with the amount of cannabis you have in your session.

Used as a relative number rather than a quantitative value.
"Men we're down to our last gram, it is time to.."
"No sir..please....don't...."
*sirens heard*
by BakedGood420 January 24, 2010
A bowl of a cannabis smoking device filled in this order; batch, weed, kief, hash, batch.

Named a sundae bowl because it reflects an ice cream sundae with all its assorted toppings on it.
"Man I hit a sundae bowl two hours ago and I still haven't been able to stand up since then"

"Yea, hitting sundae bowls is an experience alright"

"Yea I spent the dream Sunday hitting Sundae bowls all day"
by BakedGood420 January 24, 2010
Could also be used as a noun to describe the amount of weed you have grinded up for a particuclar smoking occasion (could also be called a session)
"Man I've only got like a .1 left in this session. I'll hit you on a bowl tommorow don't worry"
by BakedGood420 January 24, 2010

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