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An abbriviation of the word session, may relate to drinking, smoking pot, excessive computer gaming or anything else that lasts a prolonged period of time.
Yo, u in for the sesh

yeh sure
by Pirate November 29, 2005
A "session" in which one smokes cannabis sativa through the use of a bong with a collective of friends.
Hey mate, fuck school, lets go have a sesh!
by AstroBlue April 07, 2003
An abbreviation or short form of session.
"Time to sesh the Mill Creek gap!"
by the product August 29, 2005
otherwise known as session- When two or more participants smoke a shit load of weed over a certain period of time, always resulting in each and every one of the smokers being extremely stoned.
"alright mate, that was a fat sesh we had last night, must have smoked at least an ounce"

"yeah man! I still feel battered now!"

"you got any skins?"

"yeah man!"

"nice one, i've got a jiggy on me now"


by northernmonkey87 May 09, 2007
Sesh or Session is a set period of time in which the person or persons involved smoke mass amounts of chron.
Example: "Yo Mike! Let's go sesh at Matt's place. I hear he has a new eight piece huka!"
by Matt, An uber sexy boy... July 10, 2008
Abbreviation for session.
Wagging sesh.
Training sesh.
Make-out sesh.
by coinroller May 11, 2008
An abbreviation for "session". Used when you want to something private with your friends such as play XBOX (or box), go to a club, talk on the phone, or to talk about secret things with a limited amount of people.
Yo, box sesh later?

Definetly yo see you there.
by Colecch November 29, 2010