A 'session' in which a group of people all smoke bong's and get fucked up. I guess its well-covered by AstroBlue.
"Keen for a sesh? Let's go back to the Spruce chill-zone."
by Diego August 31, 2003
to masterbate or wank
' i had a lovely sesh last night'
by big baz January 14, 2008
smoking crack, weed, or what ever does your fancy. Commonly known in the Sydney and Western area of Sydney...
Kalika and Dixie r "seshin" on like doped pyromaniacs!
by Kalika April 12, 2006
A masturbation session. Also known as a JO sesh or a circle jerk. Guys masturbating together. The use of Albolene or some other lube is recommended
StrokeCentral set up a sesh for tomorrow night and 7 other guys are going.
by lajerker July 23, 2005
Very long group use of the website myspace.
ussualy lasts all night and well into the morning
Bill:DUDE, we had the fucken raddest myspace sesh last night, i got like 425452 comments and messages!!!
by Kevin Quesidila September 09, 2006
Short for session. A sesh is when friends gather around a burning incense and slowly become more and more relaxed until they become "seshed."

Also see seshed, and warped
Hey, you wanna go sesh at my house after school?
by Derek C. March 14, 2005
intense, long needed, orgasmic ass. anytype of sexual orientation that is longer than 5 minutes
we went to his place and had such a good sesh
by torythedancer January 17, 2004

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