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An abbriviation of the word session, may relate to drinking, smoking pot, excessive computer gaming or anything else that lasts a prolonged period of time.
Yo, u in for the sesh

yeh sure
by Pirate November 29, 2005
Some one who screws a girl without caring about/knowing them.
Annie! there a bunch of pussy snatchers! they dont want you they just want sex!
by Pirate August 24, 2003
1) Once lived a mystical lad in depths of a land called east didsbury. Due to the lads outlandish behaviour he was subject 2 regualr mocking from the likes of leaonard and shaun. One day the name predox originated and has stuck ever since.


2) A brand of cleaning agent

Take your pick.
1) Hide the fukin forty predox, the po po are here

2) Get the predox luv, ive spilt wine on the floor.
by Pirate September 08, 2004
When a ratchet spends all day snap chatting twerk videos trying to get that dick
Also a term used by ratchets to describe extremely basic ass selfie videos of themeslves twerking alone in their bedroom or other places that aren't directly related to anything involving the need to be dancing or being turnt up
"Yo your sister been in her room all day net-twerking and blasting kesha"
"Ya that's all she does is net-twerk and eat ice cream and fight with our parents about how she's mature and should be treated like an adult"

Ratchet 1-' yo girl you seen my posts I been net-twerking all day trying to get turnt up'
Ratchet 2- 'ya I seen it you've got that net-twerk life down girl we should have a circle net-twerk session and get turnt up my moms not gonna be him till tomorrow'
by PIRATE February 08, 2015
a band that's evil plan backfired.

Their goal in calling themselves 'thursday' was to NOT be streotyped.

Poor guys, it ended up associating them with 'saves the day' (non-generic, but ver dis-similar) and 'taking back sunday' (sounds like everyone else, but was slightly better before john nolan left)

In any case, thursday is most definately 'post-hardcore.'

the lyrics are never repetative, like crap ass pop muisic, and rarely deal with the cliche girlfirend story (hence, not emo). But weather they are 'good' falls to opinion (i love 'em)
Guy1 "Thursday rocked live"
Guy2 "Yea, so did coheed and cambria"
Guy1 "No, I really mean it."
Guy2 "Oh... aren't you supposed to say that even if the concert sucks?"
Guy1 "Uh, I don't think so ."
Guy2 "Oh... then coheed and cambria sounded like willain hung from american idol"
by pirate March 26, 2005
Dang you I R TeH PWNzOR NAMEd CrEEAaM you beat me to it! ARRR Couple months off too. :(

Sitting in Chair Laughing!!!
I say rofl so much! But I have never acutally rolled on the floor while laughing, because I am such a lazy @ss. I should say sicl because its so much easier! Besides my sunburn hurts when I went in the sun for mor than 2 minutes that one day.
by Pirate April 11, 2005
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