to somoke cannabis with a group of friend( usually in circle)

does not mean to have sex with one person
hey maggie how was that sesh in the garrage last week.

hey bek diddnt have a sesh thier was only two of them!
by stoner man March 30, 2008
A romantic moment spent with either your friend with "benefits", or your lover. This can include; making out and goes all the way to sex.
After John realized he loved Kate, they had a sesh and eventually ended up with 8 children.
by shanaynay's sesh buddy ! November 13, 2009
a more intense meaning of 'jheeze' in a less sexual way, but with more annoyance rather than anger
someone is complaining about a guy not giving attention.

"oh sesh your so desperate"
by urbandictionary2012 May 17, 2012
To have fun, rave, party, have a good time, exceeds all expectations

Often used with the word "bare" to form "bare sesh" for when the sesh was epic

Could also refer to a sexual experience
Last night was an epic SESH!
by bare V-man May 30, 2010
1. Verb - To smoke pot
2. Noun - A session of any sort, whether it be video gaming, sports playing, etc.
3. Noun - Something being awesome or going your way. Or an exclamation.
(Basically, sesh can be used in any form or context.)
1. "Yo broski, wanna sesh tonight?"
2. "Wanna have a lax sesh after school?" "We just had a fat Madden sesh!"
3. "That's sesh!" "SEYERRSH!"
by HeePuuh May 06, 2010
Time spent surfing and or body-boarding.
'Yo man, How was your sesh down at Boomer?'
by Lucy101 April 25, 2008
Short for Session. means to chill or have a good time .
Yea we had a sweet chill sesh last night.
by rob9095 March 10, 2007

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