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Short form for a woman who is attracted to other women physically, romantically, sexually, etc. See lesbian, homosexual
Kate loves Laura, she's a lez.
by Rebecca Lyall April 12, 2005
short for lesbian.
"My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge that'll stab you in da head whether you a fag or lez or a homosex, hermaph, or a trans-vez, pants or dress, hate fags, the answer's yes." -Eminem
by Nick D April 06, 2003
let us
Lez go chill at a striphole biznitch.
by ARANAR July 23, 2003
1.What stupid pig-headed call women who aren't interested in getting it on with a neanderthal

2.A lesbian
1. "Ugh she didn't wanna hit this? Total lex, dude"

2. "I am sexually atttraced to other women and therefore a lez"
by TMorganLovesPeter April 03, 2005
A word used to describe something stupid or lame.

Similar to gay
That's so lez.
by disbewho August 11, 2011
Two females that are are atracted to eack other.
O dani rub my cold perky nipples.
by josh November 28, 2003
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