The area between a normal human being's large intestine and colon.
An extremely important portion of the digestive system that schools around the globe refuse to reveal the existence of to students. Usually, when a semi-colon is in any way damaged or deformed, it can become a major threat to the owner's life (if left untreated, you could shit out your intestines).
Fred: Dude, my doctor said I have an enlarged semi-colon.
Chris: Do you know what that means?
Fred: No, what?
Chris: It means someone role-played PowerMan and IronFist in your ass.
Fred: Oh shit.
Chris: Yeah. You're going to need a semi-colonoscopy.
Fred: I hate asking all these questions, but WHAT is THAT?
Chris: Your doctor is going to get a rabbi to bless your asshole and then stick a very hot shaft of PVC pipe so far up your butt it'll pop out your eyeballs. Then, they'll procede to stuff as many red permanent markers up into the pipe, then flowing into your skull, to make sure the pipe went all the way through, and tell you that you have been exposed to a treatment that still has not passed through the appropiate legal channels, and that you are not liable to sue. If you did somehow threaten to sue, they will threaten you by saying there is no way to remove the pipe from your body unless they do it themselves, and if you do sue, you will have to walk around with a pipe in your ass for the rest of your life.
Fred: Oh shitter.
by Jim Naazium May 13, 2008
Top Definition
A programmer's bane. Required by most programming langauges to seperate commands. The semicolon will usually render an entire program useless and force the programmer to search every line for that goddamn semicolon.
Programmer: I wrote a program to find the answer to life, the universe, and everything and I left out a semicolon! Fjsk!
by Tiko March 20, 2004
Microsoft Word seems to think that these should go in every sentence.
What you mean to say:
"I went to the mall, however I got lost, and I had to hitch a ride with my friend, Alan, who likes semicolons. The bastard."

What Microsoft Word says:
"I went to the mall; however, I got lost; I had to hitch a ride with my friend; Alan; he likes semicolons; the bastard.
by nonoit'sjusttherain May 25, 2009
A strange symbol who's origins are cloaked in mystery. It is believed to hold magical properties but it's true nature is still unknown mankind.

The world's top historians have found a link that connects the birthplace of all religions back to the semicolon. The earliest semicolon discovered, on Earth, dates back over 800 million years, according to paleontologists. However, images taken from the Mars Rover have also discovered several stone carvings of this mark.

To this date, the only use that scholars and scientists alike have been able to find for the semicolon is to combine it with other punctuation marks, like the closed parenthesis, sometimes separated by a hyphen.
Oh, we;;
(Damn you, Semicolon!!!)

by Big Rood November 15, 2011
A type of punctuation most commonly used to separate related independent clauses. They're underused by the majority of the population; however, they are quite helpful and can be very versatile when implemented by a skilled writer.
I have written and submitted my defintion; I expect to be notified upon its addition to the site shortly.

Bitches don't know about my semicolons; but man, those bitches love 'em when they see 'em.
by Red the Ghost August 21, 2010
The term used to refer to erectile problems during anal sex. Primarily, although not exclusively, used to describe a gay man where impotency has struck during intercourse.
Anthony: I'm not feeling anything anymore?
Sebastian: I'm so sorry, I've gone limp.
Anthony: A semi-colon does nothing for me, Sebastian.
by ChrisUK June 22, 2009
A person who is kind of an asshole but not completely.
I met with the director of operations today, yeah he's a semicolon but reasonable.
by gurugarzah April 20, 2015
a person that takes extremely large shits
dude did you see that crap that guy left in that toilet? yea he must have had a semi colon
by bear bear tattoo guy July 15, 2011
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