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1. Super sexy dude.
2. Popular name in Armenia.
1. Shit son check out that Tigran over there.
2. Man there are too many Tigrans in Armenai
by Tiko July 20, 2004
A programmer's bane. Required by most programming langauges to seperate commands. The semicolon will usually render an entire program useless and force the programmer to search every line for that goddamn semicolon.
Programmer: I wrote a program to find the answer to life, the universe, and everything and I left out a semicolon! Fjsk!
by Tiko March 20, 2004
Another way to say 'fuck' and bastardization of the word fsck. Fjsk is strictly for use in keyboard-lanuages (I suppose you could say "fuh-jisk") and is usually used around unix-geeks who might think you're talking about the command or if you can't reach the 'c' key.
Noob: lol i just pwnd you with my lightning gun
Noob2: fjsk your mom!

Man: Fsjk! I just gave some random guy my credit card number!

Programmer: Fjsk! I forgot to add a goddamn semicolon to my script!

Random kid: fjsk yuo!
by Tiko March 20, 2004
Sitting upon ones arse, wasting time.

A free thinking, free spirited form of entertainment.

Time spent unwisely due to the lack of enough intelligence to complete a moderately complicated task.
"I was dicking around all day.."
by tiko October 28, 2003
The question that pan-dimensional space-beings asked the computer Deep Thought in Douglas Adams's book, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The computer took millions of years and came up with the answer 42. Life, the universe, and everything is also a noob board on GameFAQs that idiots post bad pr0n websies to (I hate GameFAQs).
Dude: Why the fjsk is the answer to life, the universe and everything 42?
by Tiko March 20, 2004
See sabbi
<tiko> Wassabbi?
<valentine> nuffin
by tiko October 29, 2003

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