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A bag filled with shit used as a substitute for a pinyata for children's parties.
When I hugged grandma her colostomy bag burst.
by blake November 19, 2003
A more extreme form of a douchebag
I always thought Josh was a douchebag, until I saw him sniffing candles at Bath & Body Works with his girlfriend. I then upgraded his status to "colostomy bag".
by duct_tape_wallet December 19, 2005
Someone who is consistently full of shit, ie, a liar.
That Jacko is such a colostomy bag, only one nosejob? Riiiight!
by RachelS December 02, 2003
A colossal douchebag; Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk, asshole, and blown pasting the upper echelons of douchebag status.
Javier's unabated shenanigans at our tea party last night puts him on a whole new level of douchebaggery, one which warrants an upgrade to colostomybag status!
by scoopapoopa August 09, 2011
a bag used normally for people with a colostomy, but can be used for online gaming, (i.e fucking nerds)
ME: ewww whats smells in here
NERD: i had to use a colostomy bag because i can't get off of wow
by (v)1<#4341 April 11, 2007
Another word for a douchebag who doesn't do anything at work except play on myspace, and who likes to hang with little girls 10 years younger. What a sicko!
I always thought Jared was a douchebag until I started working with him. That's when I found out what a huge colostomy bag he was, and how much he loved the teenage girls.
by RunnyDiarrhea November 17, 2007
a bag you shit in through your chest
sarah wanted to go to the movies bur she couldnt because she'd scare all of the children with her shit filled colostomy bag.
by scott you douchebag May 25, 2003
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