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a person who has an un-holy vendetta against the networking website myspace. this demographic consists of everyone in the entire world apparently, although they all have all out profiles with 1000's of friends.
myspace hater: "man, myspace is soo gay. everyone that has one is gay."
*runs off to the library to check his profile and crys because he has no new friend requests.*
by zeben September 30, 2006
a person you think is a girl, but when you see them a little closer up you realize that "she" is really just an emo boy.
guy 1: "i thought i saw a chick on a bike today, but it turned out it was just an emovestite"
guy 2: "man, i hate that."
by zeben October 01, 2006
that useless punctuation mark that always gets in the way when you try to put a colon 'cause you forgot to hit the shift key.
*groceries; milk, eggs, cantaloupe...*
guy typing list; "oh, shit, that wasnt supposed to be a semicolon."
by zeben October 01, 2006
a space/lyric filling word that blink-182 overuses all the time when they run out of good lyrics.

similar to "da", "do", and "oi"
"...na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na, say it aint so, i will not go, trun the lights off, carry me home..."
by zeben October 02, 2006

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