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A politician who has the ability to purge washington.
I sure hope that I can inherit the legacy left behind for me by the Ron Paul administration.
by Estehbahn June 01, 2007
A car which can easily be mistaken for an abandoned fridge when parked.
Person 1: Now look, someone's left out a perfectly good metallic purple fridge.

Person 2: Is it a frigidaire?

Person 1: No its a scion XB "xtra brisk".
by Estehbahn July 03, 2006
A great, spiritual artist who can write songs about emotions that I didn't even know existed. Think "emo" but with class.
Thats not just another bohemian, that is Sufjan Stevens.
by Estehbahn September 05, 2006
The study of someone's Myspace.
Through myspaceology I was able to determine her DOB, blood type, relationship status, and the time that she leaves her house every morning.
by Estehbahn May 21, 2006
Anyone who makes sure that you know the date changes at 12am.
you: This has been one crazy friday.

Midnight Intellectual: It's actually Saturday!!!
by Estehbahn July 03, 2006
A collared shirt worn by someone who is not inclined to wear collared shirts.
Do you have a date tonight? You're wearing your date shirt.
by Estehbahn July 03, 2006
When Lewis and Clark were in Oregon, they asked the natives "What is the name of this river?"

The natives responded "Multnomah" which in their language means "You mean that river over there?"

The Multnomah River was named the Willamette River after the expedition.
Person: Im going to go jet skiing on the river.

19th century native american: Multnomah?
by Estehbahn September 05, 2006
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