- one who is French, Hairy, Smelly, Profusely sweats and generally portrays unsavory personality traits such as having multiple girlfriends and destroying the delicate emotional psyche of the females they encounter.

- Andrew Joseph Fontaine is a well known scum from the new Millennium and is often regarded by his peers as an avid scum master.
- Andrew Joseph Fontaine is the Queen of Scums.
by Scum Hunter 21 January 02, 2011
Any supporter, official and player of the Collingwood football club
Notoriously known as a bottom feeder a "scum" player, supporter or official will do anything possible to get ahead of a honest AFL supporter,player. Quite often turning on each other after loss after loss. There is no end to the depths of filth that can be acheived by these scumbags
by Collingwood bottom 4 2011 April 15, 2010
Noun: semen, or seminal fluid. Unwanted discharge from the male body, not meant for reproduction.

The word cum and cumming, derived from the word, scum.
My brother's socks always smelled of scum.
by EH_CBunny June 29, 2009
Jack Ugliest Bastard in Orpington,Beats up spastics spits and headbutts all the time.

His dad has got no teeth and his mum is a beast. Scum
Guy 1: Did u c that boy eat his own shit the other day.

Guy 2: Yea he likes to hit disabled people which is scum.
by Jamie Stanton May 01, 2009

1. semen

2. any thick gunk

3. a despicable person
There was scum everywhere.
by The Return of Light Joker March 13, 2008
A common term of endearment found among theatre students
Hey, we have the best scum in our production.
by dantheman August 02, 2003
The kind of person that lives in a poverty stricken housing estate in which people wear nothing but tracksuits and Nike Air Max. E.g. Harpur's Hill or Ballysally.
Guy 1:Wow, she never wears anything but tracksuits.
Guy 2: I know, she's scum.
by NegroYAzul May 14, 2014

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