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3 definitions by Mortimer

When someone, something, or something that someone does... just ain't right
He charged you a 5 dollars extra? Scum.
by Mortimer February 10, 2003
17 22
Sgt. Joe Spanheimer!
Oh yes the Dreamy Sgt. Joe Spanheimer is here!
by Mortimer May 05, 2005
41 69
emmy (em-me)n./v.: 1. blasphemous slimy creature that slithers where there are lemons present; sometimes referred to as 'oh sh!t here it comes'.
2. the act of doing 'innapropriate and objectionable actions' on a church altar.
1. (noun): I ran for my life screaming as the emmy scuttled towards me.
2. (verb) To the extreme shock and terror of the church congregation, the nun and the priest started to emmy to the left of the collection plate.
by mortimer October 23, 2004
53 156