Any police that turn up just when things about to kick off or shits about to hit the fan. Any cop who nicks your stash, baccy or booze. Any cop who breaks up a fight were the kid getting fucked up is a dirty fucking chav, scene kid or emo pussyhole.
Clear out the scum is here!!!
Fucking scum just taxed my baccy!!!
The scum are raiding drinking fields tonight!!!
by theoneandonlyeyebrowsbutters April 18, 2009
A shorter way to say Scumbag.

See also : Scummies, Scumlord, Scum Dog Millionare, Scumbeezy, Scum City, Lord Scum, Scum Squad
Guy 1: Hey you remember that chick I took home last night?

Guy 2: Yeah man. She was hot.

Guy 1: Well not only did I bang it out, I stole that bitches purse when she was sleep.

Guy 2: You fuckin scum.

Guy 1 & 2 : *laughs
by iHateJimbo December 09, 2013
a name for someone you do not like
SCUM! SCUM! SCUM! (chanted)
That emily chick is scum.
Ew bro, shes scummy.
by ratkat December 20, 2006
That filth that accumulates when you neglect something.
With all the good drivers gone fromtms there is nothing but scum working there now thanks to hoss.
by coastworm November 14, 2003
Means the same as Sperm, or Come/Cum
Yo, I scumed all over that bitches face.
by eRdaN June 28, 2003
Man who, during a blow job, ejaculates into your mouth without giving due warning. Verb: to sCum
"I was blowing him and he totally sCummed me!" "Wow, what a sCum."
by nosCum October 28, 2009
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