a townie piece of shit who doesn't deserve anything apart from a painful death.
person1: i've got some scum on my shoe
person2: must be from where you kicked that townie
by martin roberts February 06, 2005
(n.) An excellent piece of cinema from the late seventies showing some of the events that would happen in a borstal (prison for young offenders in the UK). I watched it in a religious education lesson when I was 14 or 15, and have seen it dozens of times since. It preaches racial harmony, good sportsmanship (see murderball) and the importance of a tool.
Where's your tool?

What tool?

by Kung-fu Jesus July 20, 2004
Society for Cutting Up Men
Think 1968, Andy Warhol
by shellydty June 07, 2004
Scum is the epitome of a worthless, good-for-nothing human. They are at the bottom of the hierarchy of humans, even coming in below most fuckbois.
That was so mean of them; they are scum.
by M Fulker February 26, 2015
Noun: semen, or seminal fluid. Unwanted discharge from the male body, not meant for reproduction.

The word cum and cumming, derived from the word, scum.
My brother's socks always smelled of scum.
by EH_CBunny June 29, 2009

1. semen

2. any thick gunk

3. a despicable person
There was scum everywhere.
by The Return of Light Joker March 13, 2008
a totally hawt gal, who's pretty gawjus, usually bi
'scum it up'
by pisserpisser March 25, 2007

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