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A sub-species which is becoming all too common in the UK thanks to the dumbing down of the education system and the fact that the police spend their time either filling in paperwork or going after motorists. Examples of scum can be found everywhere, from the highest to the lowest parts of society. Politicians, big businessmen and the like are more corrupt and self-serving than ever. In the town where I live, psychiatrists have walked away from causing serious head injuries and from telling their patients they're possessed by ghosts. Meanwhile, it is dangerous to go out onto the streets after dark in many towns or cities. This is mainly due to brain-dead head-bangers who patrol the streets looking for prey, doing in gangs or or in pairs what they wouldn't have the guts to do on their own. Most people grow out of schoolboy-type behaviour, but there is a certain breed who seem unable to do so. They remain as yobs well into late middle-age and beyond. Indeed, I was minding my own business when someone started hooting their car-horn at me. When I gave them the finger, they stopped their car (at a crossroad, causing a hold-up). I was then threatened by some fat old git in dungarees. When I failed to be scared by his threat, he threatened me again but this time added an 'f-word', as though that made him sound scarier or more grown-up. I still failed to be scared, and he gave up and went on his way. People like this deserve only pity. And that's another thing. Scum of all ages seem to think swearing is both grown-up and the height of comedy. Their world-beaters are all over public toilet walls, galvanised-metal lamp posts and the like. They also shout things from cars as they drive by, big brave men that they are. Their girlfriends are usually brainless bimbos who think crime is glamorous and are turned on by thuggish behaviour.
New Labour are going to start coming down hard on scum. They're going to get women in black leather to come to parliament and give all the NL MPs a good spanking.
by Stormsworder October 25, 2006
74 49
Despicable piece of shit who would steal anything or hurt anyone because the're just too low to carve out a decent way to do anything. Their futures in life usually contain the words 'Mcdonalds drive-thru' and 'Correctional Facility'. See townie.
1#st Person: ''Look over they're at them kids dressed in trampy desingner gear, picking on people who don't deserve and using retard words like 'Bruv, Innit and Bumberclot''.

2#nd Person:''I know, they're scum''.
by BadLieutenant May 30, 2004
48 29
Usually a dirty tweaker with several or more kids that lives in a run down house and listens to ICP or Kottonmouth Kings. Can be seeing walking around town in the same clothes he or she has been wearing for the past 2 weeks. Their clothing is always lose fitting with a possible iron cross logo on the front or back with something retarded printed on the inside of the cross. A lazy person that lives off of welfare and WIC and uses all forms of income to buy crank or crystal meth. They are very abundant in the 661, the home of meth and meth labs.

A dirty oilfield roustabout.
Look at those scums smoking crank across the street. Call the police.
by Marc Garland June 01, 2007
33 19
A layer of impurities that accumulates at the surface of a liquid (especially water or molten metal)

A derogotory phrase to describe someone.
Oh fuck man, I got scum all over my fucking shoes!

That Semuel Grieg is the biggest scum in Western Sydney!
by alschpq2rasdjifgqapwy September 13, 2010
18 5
1) Someone who has very few morals and often does things to aggravate another person
2) Someone who is arrogant and uncontiously aggravates other people
3) A build up of grime on any kind of surface
<i>That guy is such scum.</i>
<i>Look at all the scum on this counter!</i>
by Acephalous March 31, 2004
52 40
Scum has two meanings, it is the crap and shite that accumulates around your bath, sink, toilet, etc.. The other kind is the lowlife that makes up 40% of todays britain, but is also descriptive of the ones who run it,and are illegally entering it!
Neds (Chavs to you english), Politicians, Thieves, arsonists, animal abusers, paedophiles, councillors, rangers supporters!!!
by Who didn't I upset?? February 23, 2005
30 19
Anyone who who attends the University of Miami at Florida
The jailbreakers, gangbangers, crack smokers, carjackers, South Beach homosexuals, and posturing tough guy wiggers who can't pass up the oppertunity to grab their crotch every 10 seconds in public while threatening someone in bad english that attend the University of Miami. Or simply all 18,000 fans of the Hurricannes that show up each week to the Toilet Bowl.
by Hic January 24, 2005
41 30