1) Someone who has very few morals and often does things to aggravate another person
2) Someone who is arrogant and uncontiously aggravates other people
3) A build up of grime on any kind of surface
<i>That guy is such scum.</i>
<i>Look at all the scum on this counter!</i>
by Acephalous March 31, 2004
A layer of impurities that accumulates at the surface of a liquid (especially water or molten metal)

A derogotory phrase to describe someone.
Oh fuck man, I got scum all over my fucking shoes!

That Semuel Grieg is the biggest scum in Western Sydney!
by alschpq2rasdjifgqapwy September 13, 2010
Scum has two meanings, it is the crap and shite that accumulates around your bath, sink, toilet, etc.. The other kind is the lowlife that makes up 40% of todays britain, but is also descriptive of the ones who run it,and are illegally entering it!
Neds (Chavs to you english), Politicians, Thieves, arsonists, animal abusers, paedophiles, councillors, rangers supporters!!!
by Who didn't I upset?? February 23, 2005
Usually a dirty tweaker with several or more kids that lives in a run down house and listens to ICP or Kottonmouth Kings. Can be seeing walking around town in the same clothes he or she has been wearing for the past 2 weeks. Their clothing is always lose fitting with a possible iron cross logo on the front or back with something retarded printed on the inside of the cross. A lazy person that lives off of welfare and WIC and uses all forms of income to buy crank or crystal meth. They are very abundant in the 661, the home of meth and meth labs.

A dirty oilfield roustabout.
Look at those scums smoking crank across the street. Call the police.
by Marc Garland June 01, 2007
Collective noun for a group of sportswear-clad teenagers (also see chav) hanging around on a street corner. Scum is to chav as gaggle is to geese.
"Look at that scum of chavs over there...GET A JOB!!!"
by Stephen_C_Hartlepool May 15, 2006
The lowest of the low, often used after an insult to make the target feel even lower. Examples of scum are neds and chavs. People hailing from woucster are also largely considered scum.
Shut the hell up, scum
god the people living in that house must be scum
god, Tom's scum
by John Lies Gardener September 27, 2007
a townie piece of shit who doesn't deserve anything apart from a painful death.
person1: i've got some scum on my shoe
person2: must be from where you kicked that townie
by martin roberts February 06, 2005

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