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to fuck
a lil mama when u gon let me scud - TN Slang
by droopy July 02, 2003
What with the war on Iraq here is an old one first introduced by Mike Myers on Wayne's World circa 1991 meaning a female that appears to be good looking from far away but in reality is far away from good looking.
Hey check out the rack coming towards us that chick is...Oh no! she's a scud!
by Yada yada April 24, 2003
sucks cause you do wordnegative karma scud
by tigerlily April 20, 2003
Scud missile
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
A large turd
i took a mad scudder today
by dirty rob February 24, 2003
A Comic Series in the 90's entitled Scud: the Disposable assassin. Featured the main character, a robot programmed to kill one target and then explode.

This comic series followed the gory, bizarre, and hopelessly hilarious antics that followed.
Scud is the greatest comic book hero ever created.

Why haven't you tards ever heard of Scud?!

by Jera April 25, 2007
a dart that hits a random location.
I shoot for the triple fifteen and get a triple twenty. "man that was a real scud!"
by don williams January 18, 2007