a fat joint containing cannabis ior sum otha illegal substance
im caked after that scud
wen u blazin da nxt scud
by real south east chick September 17, 2005
A Scud is London Street slang for a zoot (also London Street Slang.)

A Scud is rolled in such a way that it resembles a scud missile. Very fat at one end and small and slim at the other.
Bush: I lurv England! Where can I get me some grass?

Blair: I'm rather brass at the mo but I'll just call the police comissioner and see if he can tick us......

Police Comissioner: Righty-oh. We just pulled a dealer in let me see....

Dealer: Bombo Cleet! Where's my bag or tweed??? That's about 25 Scuds worth.
by SouthsideLondona January 13, 2005
Scud is an acronym used to define a female that posses appealing attributes of the body, but lacks facial beauty. Also commonly associated with "Butterface" or "Cept-her-Face" Scud stands for -- Suddenly Comes Un Desireable -- and it is just used to describe a woman who looks attractive from a distance, but up close suddenly you become less interested.
Hey man, check out that hottie over there, I am gonna go check her out. ::::Man walks, turns around:::: Dude what a scud, I thought she was cute, but I got closer and she just was a butterface.
by Steve Fuller January 02, 2005
A low life. Often violent and dangerous person.
That dude with a spiders web tattooed on his face is a pure scud.
by Chris Hume February 02, 2004
to fuck
a lil mama when u gon let me scud - TN Slang
by droopy July 02, 2003
A large turd
i took a mad scudder today
by dirty rob February 24, 2003
Very attractive female floor hockey players(LT)
That girl who got hit in the back with the ball is a total scud(definition #10)
by Foot In Mouth May 13, 2010
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