Top Definition
the act of smoking weed and getting stoned
seb parker fitch is commin round mine later for a blaze
by D. Hine October 22, 2003
the act of smoking anything (usually an illegal substance)
guy1: what yall doin tonite?
guy2: blazin some of dat magic grass...wanna come?
guy1: hellz yea
by apple fuzz May 02, 2006
Blowin' dro, Smokin' weed, gettin right!!!
Cory's coming over and we gonna blaze one.
by Lacie December 07, 2003
a way to describe things that are awesome.
I hooked up with the DJ last night an she gave me her latest cd. All the tracks on there are BLAZIN!
by Joshiro007 February 12, 2003
1- smokin dat skunk!
2- gettin angry
1- T woz blazin' wit me n da crew
2- I woz blazin' at M.G. dat grl needz a smack
by BabyBlaza December 14, 2003
It's what you do when your smokin.
Man, we're blazin' up in here.
Yee haw boys, we're goin blazin'.
by m'AD'am November 09, 2005
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