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A guy who is unfortunate looking and has a really hott girlfriend.
"Man look at that couple. He is such a scud."
by Reiah July 09, 2005
Its when you are reciving oral sex and you rip ass
Remember that bitch I picked up last night? Well I gave that bitch a SCUD!
by outlaw June 01, 2004
A Scud is London Street slang for a zoot (also London Street Slang.)

A Scud is rolled in such a way that it resembles a scud missile. Very fat at one end and small and slim at the other.
Bush: I lurv England! Where can I get me some grass?

Blair: I'm rather brass at the mo but I'll just call the police comissioner and see if he can tick us......

Police Comissioner: Righty-oh. We just pulled a dealer in let me see....

Dealer: Bombo Cleet! Where's my bag or tweed??? That's about 25 Scuds worth.
by SouthsideLondona January 13, 2005
Scud- A Smelly Substance known as "Dog Shit" which is found in the "soul of boot" region.It Is not Given The name Scud until All Shit is wiped on Neighbours Curb.
Steve:"Iv stepped in dog shit.
Phil:"Hahaha Stevies Got Scud"
by Lonecell February 05, 2004
All chics are scuds. Except for ugly and fat chics cuz they aren't real people....then it extends into the different types of scuds
WOOOOEEEEEE look at that scud puppy!
by balls&mcdonalds June 12, 2010
Missile produced by the Soviet Union. It was made famous by the Gulf War, not because it hit some targets, but because of how many it missed. It is completely unguided.
"SCUD" stands for "Soviet Constructed Uselessly Deployed"
by Galloping Ghost June 06, 2005
Pornographic material. Particularly applied to internet or film material.
Dean had been caught by his girlfriend looking at scud on the net...
by benman January 13, 2005