in eastern kentucky a scud is a xanax bar so called because they will seriously fuck you up
mandy won't give it up unless you do a scud with her
by nairb February 15, 2005
Form of the acronym for Sorority Cum Dumpster, as it is .

A sorority girl, often of the gold-digging ilk, who is relatively promiscuous, regardless of possible public representations to the contrary. A creature, though not uniquely indigenous to The University of Alabama and Ole Miss, occurs at those institutions in enormous quantities.

SEE ALSO: S.C.D., Sorostitute
Yeah, she's hot, but I'd rather go out with a girl a point lower on the 10-point scale than deal with another SCUD.
by Sidney G.D.I. Rutledge September 23, 2003
What with the war on Iraq here is an old one first introduced by Mike Myers on Wayne's World circa 1991 meaning a female that appears to be good looking from far away but in reality is far away from good looking.
Hey check out the rack coming towards us that chick is...Oh no! she's a scud!
by Yada yada April 24, 2003
sucks cause you do wordnegative karma scud
by tigerlily April 20, 2003
Scud missile
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
To have rampant hard sex with someone, to fuck, to blow the hips off someone, to write someones fanny off.
I am going to take you home and scud the daylights out of you.
by Kevin A Burns April 14, 2009
a dart that hits a random location.
I shoot for the triple fifteen and get a triple twenty. "man that was a real scud!"
by don williams January 18, 2007
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