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scottish slang term for buckfast or MD2020 the "neddy" drinks
"Geiz a scoop ae yer scud el swed" which translates into

"give me a drink of your scud my man"
by whosemaw? August 18, 2009
5 12
To either dominate another person at someone or completely humiliate them.
"Damn, i just scudded all over you in that game!"
by idkwhat2put May 07, 2009
1 8
A person that seems to be very attractive from a great distance, but when viewed at a close up or normal distance, the person is extremely ugly. Common occurences of one being is a scud could be caused by a messed up grill (teeth); the appearance of facial hair, a new view from the side and/or back, or simply a mullet.
Check out that beautiful girl...Oh Wait! It's a scud! Run!
by Trey Cook February 28, 2007
23 30
Playing with the immediate area around your ass hole and then wiping it on a friends upper lip, thus causing them to lick it or smell the 'SCUD'!!!
Darren scuds his army bum chums all the time!!!!
by Retard March 10, 2005
2 9
Scud is an acronym used to define a female that posses appealing attributes of the body, but lacks facial beauty. Also commonly associated with "Butterface" or "Cept-her-Face" Scud stands for -- Suddenly Comes Un Desireable -- and it is just used to describe a woman who looks attractive from a distance, but up close suddenly you become less interested.
Hey man, check out that hottie over there, I am gonna go check her out. ::::Man walks, turns around:::: Dude what a scud, I thought she was cute, but I got closer and she just was a butterface.
by Steve Fuller January 02, 2005
8 15
A low life. Often violent and dangerous person.
That dude with a spiders web tattooed on his face is a pure scud.
by Chris Hume February 02, 2004
7 14
Form of the acronym for Sorority Cum Dumpster, as it is .

A sorority girl, often of the gold-digging ilk, who is relatively promiscuous, regardless of possible public representations to the contrary. A creature, though not uniquely indigenous to The University of Alabama and Ole Miss, occurs at those institutions in enormous quantities.

SEE ALSO: S.C.D., Sorostitute
Yeah, she's hot, but I'd rather go out with a girl a point lower on the 10-point scale than deal with another SCUD.
by Sidney G.D.I. Rutledge September 23, 2003
33 40