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An activity often practiced during dogging or other sexual gatherings whereby a man ejaculates from some height onto a participants head, as if "pearly rain" is falling onto them.
Samantha was subjected to a dose of pearly rain by Alex last night.
by Ed1819 April 11, 2008
The activity of buggery over a grave stone or sarcophagus.
Paul an Jez are goin scuttling tonight in the cemetery.
by Ed1819 October 24, 2008
A sexual activity involving some preparation. One participant among a couple or group eats a high protein diet for a number of days resulting in a rock hard poo. This can then be "fired" up the partners anus, when both are bent over bottom to bottom, in the fashion of a scud missile being launched.
I think Denise and Ricardo enjoy scudding quite a lot.
by Ed1819 April 11, 2008

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