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small computer systems interface

similar to IDE/ATA100 but much faster

pronounced: scuzzy
wow, you've got loads of really fast SCSI's
by mnemonix June 21, 2004
System Can't See It. interface designed for attaching high speed devices such as Raster Image Processors, Printers, Hard discs and scanners, but invariably involves spending twice as much as you intended and blowing out your logic board.
You must terminate both ends of the SCSI bus. Then yourself.
by Shalroth May 21, 2005
SCSI is the shit for connecting harddrives to your mobo. And, the drives are hella cheap on ebay.
I just got a new 10k rpm SCSI drive with 8mb cache, 160mbps tranfer rate, and 4.7 millisecond seek time. It is the shit. Now, all of my friends are jealous.
by fastcr80 August 28, 2004
super cock sucking internet
those nerds are all hooked up to the scsi
by Yep June 08, 2003
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