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small computer systems interface

similar to IDE/ATA100 but much faster

pronounced: scuzzy
wow, you've got loads of really fast SCSI's
by mnemonix June 21, 2004
people that have no prior experiance of the internet or computer and decided to use AOL (america on line) because it was thrush through their letterbox
ha, you can't use a computer, your such an aolian
by mnemonix June 21, 2004
IDE is an acronym for

'Integrated Device Electronics'
(true term)

flat 39/80 pin cable
i need some more ide cables, all mt pins are busted on mine
by mnemonix June 21, 2004
a small person who's only use in life is to suck off a larger persons penis
oh, i see you've got yourself a little scrubby
by mnemonix June 21, 2004

big brother


i really wanna get bb, so i can watch bb online
by mnemonix June 21, 2004
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