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The movie that doubled the price of Toyota Supras just because they were in the movie. The only good part of the movie is when Vin Diesel drives the dragster on the street.
D00d I bought Fast and the Furious
by fastcr80 April 05, 2005
The cracker shack of northern California, with a prep school and an adventist church that ownes everything in the town.
Man, I can't wait to get out of Angwin with all of the yuppie prepies. This place is such a cracker shack!!
by fastcr80 August 28, 2004
SCSI is the shit for connecting harddrives to your mobo. And, the drives are hella cheap on ebay.
I just got a new 10k rpm SCSI drive with 8mb cache, 160mbps tranfer rate, and 4.7 millisecond seek time. It is the shit. Now, all of my friends are jealous.
by fastcr80 August 28, 2004
Ripoff apple cider. The bottle must be 1/2 inch thick, since you can down a whole bottle in a few gulps!!
D00d, WTF? I bought 3 bottles of this stuff, and it's all gone, and dinner hasn't even started yet! w00t!
by fastcr80 January 26, 2005
The default port Battlefield 1942 is run on.
I set up my RedHat server running BFSMD on 14567
by fastcr80 December 04, 2004
It means, like if you don't like something you say it
"man fuck this dude, this is gay"
by fastcr80 April 12, 2005
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