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something dirty, nasty, or otherwise disgusting(usually a woman)
"yo, don't fuck her, that bitch is scuzzy."

"who invited those scuzzy bitches?"
by dirk squarejaw May 04, 2003
A person who has a strong resemblance to a "scumbag",or someone who is not liked by a big wholesome group of people. Word description: insult
Specimen (A) walks toward specimen (B). Specimen (A) does not like Specimen (B). To get underneath Specimen (B)'s skin, Specimen (A) may say "What up scuzzy?" Shortening this term/insult is very likely. Most likely to scuzz
by Landon Vulcan October 12, 2009
When you wake up after a night of drinking and you're still wearing the clothes you wore last night, and you haven't showered or anything ... yeah, then you're pretty damn scuzzy.
Jim: Man, I woke up this morning ... look at me: I was wearing these pants and this sweatshirt last night. I feel so fuckin' scuzzy.
by anon. II May 29, 2006
n. nasty person that you don't want to be around.
adj. something that is just nasty!
Don't talk to that scuzzy.
That car is scuzzified.
by BrittanyLo24 July 17, 2006
Small Computer Storage Interface = SCSI, pronounced scuzzy.
I bought a SCSI hard disk today
by Adam Bell July 17, 2003
Someone who, for a particular reason, is below you.
"yo..that bitch think she the shit but she scuzzy."
v. 1. So freaking disgusting, that there is a layer of nasty film over whatever you're talking about. 2. In a manner of speaking, it could mean really really really rediculously cool or amazing.

Sick < Disgusting < Scuzzy

3. Really ugly, or diseased.
1. I had to clean the bathrooms at work today, and they were so freaking scuzzy!

1. I need to shower, I'm feeling pretty scuzzy.

2. Jordan is so absolutely scuzzy at skateboarding, that he can land a 360 Varial McTwist UP a 24 stair!

3. Ew, don't touch Alicia! She's so scuzzy! She's been with 20 guys.... in one night.... at the same time.... who were all related... to her! Oh god!
by findagirlfriendday May 07, 2005
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