Worse than a slut, not as bad as a cunt.
That broad was nothin' but a two bit scrunt!!!
by ElGreatDan0 April 18, 2009
noun: the area between the scrotum and the gooch (cunt)
Dude, I just got kicked in the scrunt!
by codered253 February 16, 2013
verb, to scrub one's cunt.

An essential part of any healthy female's showering routine.
<Dave> Leanne! Stop scrunting!!

<Dave> Do you reckon she's upstairs somewhere scrunting?
<Pete> Nah, I doubt she's ever scrunted in her life...the dirty slag!
by notjesus February 19, 2008
The empty region in which a post operation transvestite used to has his/her testicles.
I fucked that dumb shemale in her scrunt.
by Joe Rez October 10, 2006
The dried vag crust left in a pair of two day old panties.
When I found the scrunt in her panties, I was overjoyed, then I promply feasted.
by Joe Tellenbauer November 07, 2003
A hairless pussy
"Have you checked out Halle's scrunt?"
by Johnny Queefer February 22, 2003
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