Magazine title used in the show "Just Shoot Me"
"If they take "Blush" off the checkout line shelves, it'll end up in the back row between "Backdoor Johnny" and "Scrunt"!" (quote by character Nina Van Horn on episode of "Just Shoot Me")
by MelJewHumperGibson August 07, 2006
The area on a hermaphrodite that lies where the scrotum meets the cunt.
"That is the worst hatchet scrunt I've ever seen."
by shecky weinshem December 27, 2005
Young cunt. Based on the same word construction as "scrod." Since "scrod" is young cod, then "scrunt" is young cunt.
We was out looking fo scrunt.
by Drew B July 01, 2005
to have sex with a woman
you cant scrunt us love ive got the painters in but you can whack us up the shitter if you like
by philipjamecook March 25, 2007
the man glue that makes a 'wank sock' appear stiff
'why are your socks always so stiff???'...'why, because i use them to mop my scrunt up'
by jimbob brown April 06, 2006
A girl young in her years though seemingly fully developed physically.
"Oh, it's 3pm, highschool's out. Check out the scrunty girls."
by Biffro Jones. May 10, 2003
The abnormally small penis usually showcased on a man who one might think has a large member comparable to that of one, John Holmes.(Legendary porn star of the mid 70's.)

I bet Brad Pitt has a scrunt!
by Steve Schurtz August 31, 2006

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