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to wee, pee, or urinate
'ere yar mate, look after me drink while i go for a wiz!
by miss.louise November 17, 2006
1. blunts filled with crack, weed and herion

2. Street name for methamphetamine that can be taken by snorting

3. Wiz or Wizer is street slang for the drug Speed
man that dealer hooked me up with some killer wiz.

yo my man we were chillin by the day smokin a wiz

He is wired on wiz at the moment
by ABSOLUTE February 17, 2008
a moment of stupidity.
this is named after wizardguy on the forums who posts too much and posts questions that have been answered already.
aaah man that was a wiz moment
by Karl Schatke March 20, 2005
Noun. Weed
Adj. Getting high
Verb. Smoking

Originated from the well known rapper Wiz Khalifa. a.k.a. the wiz part is referring to weed. or getting high.
Yo, let's go get some wiz and smoke it up.
I'm bouta wiz after school today.
I'm so fuckkin wiz right now, i don't even know what the hell I'm doing.
by Team Wiz n Drizz July 01, 2011
Another word for buddy, friend, or a jackass
Anthony : "what's up wiz"
Mike: "not much wiz"
Translation = "what's up buddy"
by Anthonymarmion July 15, 2015
wiz means that you are just amazing at everything you do but usually your best at sex and in the bed
he is wiz...

you know his sex is good
by debo4life12 November 13, 2011
A way to say my wify or my girlfriend
"im out my wiz wyldin"
by loxdeup December 07, 2003
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