A scrum master who acts like a cunt.
Cindy just signed my development team up for 20 new points this sprint during standup. She's acting like a real scrunt.
by yodawg1989 May 06, 2015
A loose woman, combination of three terms, stupid, cunt ( cant understand normal thinking) and runt oft ( she done"runt oft" with a girly man.
That scrunt done kicked everyone to the curb, including her mother and son, and took up with a girly man!!!
by JAR1 November 06, 2011
1.A term for an annoying beaver-like folk
2.Leave it to your imagination
1.Tre: Mike, stop stealing my pornos you little scrunt!
2.Who, did you see his/her scrunt it was whack!!
by Trey Buevens November 01, 2004
A combination of scrooge and cunt. A person who has the time, resources and skill to put up christmas lights but refuses
That dude in Belle Meade with no lights is a straight scruntin.
by rdawg2012 December 13, 2010
the male equivalent of sprunt. Scrotum sanitizer.
After today's baseball game I needed a healthy dose of scrunt just to be able to stand the smell of myself while taking a wiz.
by Holdenn March 31, 2009
The crap that builds up under your finger nails
Today I sat and cleaned the scrunt from under my nails
by jomomocomo May 26, 2013
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