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not caught up by all the same old stuff, that causes you to hit all the same old websites, in the same old order... just because that's what you are used to doing. Looking at the Internet in a new way, like it's the first time again and you're still not used to it.
I was in such a weird mood last nite that when I got in front of my PC I started free surfing; I hit a bunch of sites I've never seen before.
by holdenn August 25, 2007
adj: To have such passionate sex with your partner that when you have an orgasm, this sound comes out of you that can only be described as an Eric Roberts groan... OOhhhHHH, OOhhhhHH!
Question: How was it with Sheila last night?
Answer: I was so hot that when we finally got at it, It was an "Eric Roberts Fuck", I think I woke up her Momma.
by holdenn August 12, 2007
a person that makes frequent, meaningful submissions to the Urban Dictionary, that usually exclude profanity.
Ever since Urban Dictionary published his first submission, Holden became a major vocabulist, defining many new ideas on an almost constant basis.
by holdenn August 27, 2007
adj: So large that thoughts of elephants come to mind. Having a shape like that of an elephant as seen from behind.
My ex sister in law's ass is elephantesque. She uses a custom made toilet.
by holdenn August 12, 2007
Ultra size. Bigger than ginormous or good old enormous.
My ex-wife's sister's butt is really unormous. It doesn't match the rest of her but it can really block out the sun!
by Holdenn August 11, 2007
the male equivalent of sprunt. Scrotum sanitizer.
After today's baseball game I needed a healthy dose of scrunt just to be able to stand the smell of myself while taking a wiz.
by Holdenn March 31, 2009
Not halfrican. Full blooded African.
The difference between Seal and Obama is that Seal is all the wayfrican.
by Holdenn August 11, 2007
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