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Used to describe a relationship or former relationship in which one of the parties acts as if they have a "fatal attraction" towards the other. Also used when someone in a relationship is seemingly too concerned with the other.
A bee, quit acting all fatal about your ex-lady; who gives a fuck what she's doing know.

I love that her to death...I think I'm getting fatal.
by Don Maccey August 24, 2006
adj. exceedingly insane, especially regarding an action done to a significant other (e.g., spying, excessive calling)
The bitch is fatal. She was creepin' up on Quinton all night long!
by Rick November 27, 2004
Rapper on Tupacs Masterpiece "Hit em up"
get out the way yo
get out the way yo
biggie smalls just got dropped
little move past the mac
and let me hit him in his back
Frank White
needs to get spanked right
for settin traps
Little accident murderer
and i aint never heard off ya
poisenous gats attack when im servin ya
Spank the shank your whole style when i gank
guard your rank cuz imma slam your ass in the pank
Puffy weaker then the fuckin block im runnin thru nigga
and i'm smokin junior mafia in front of you nigga
with the ready power tuckin my guess under my eddie bauer
your clout petty sour i push packages every hour
and hit em up
by lolgramoth May 27, 2004
Spanish word, pronounced fah-TAHL, used in Andalucia to describe something, someone, or a situation as royally screwed up; a HOT MESS, if you will.

You and a friend are walking down the street, when you come across a hot mess crack whore, and she looks at you up and down as if to cruise you. You look at your friend while continuing on your way, and you exclaim, "Fatal, tio..."

A variation is FATAR (pronounced fah-TAHRR... with a strong rolling R at the end), which makes the situation more exaggerated.
by Robrandt July 13, 2006
An acronym standing for : face ass tits and legs; Used primarily by teenage boys to describe a female with a "hot" body.
Dude, Steph is smokin' hot. She's fucking fatal, man.
by randommm8 July 22, 2006
Fatal is when something or someone is sooooooo attractive yet extremely dangerous..
Those two girls Lindsay and Heather, are FATAL!
by h20cat March 21, 2011
Something that brings about an aldrenaline rush, an extreme amount of excitement, or a similar feeling.
That was a fatal car ride over those bitchin hills.
by MadCrazy March 25, 2005
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