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something you might say in confirmation, or congratulations to someone who either did something tight, or when you are on the same wavelength.
joe: i tapped that ass
me: solid

me: poon hunt
joe: solid

me: wheres the beer
joe: i got 10 foteys
me: solid
by hoboman September 12, 2003
a shlong that resembles the size of a donkey's wang.
dude, dont make me whip out my donkey shlong.

or, gobble my donkey shlong.

or, who's in the need of a good donkey shlongin'?

or get that donkey shlong away from me.
by hoboman September 12, 2003
shitbutt is this cat that had turds all stuck to its ass. we were hanging out at my friends apartment when all of a sudden we noticed that shitbutt had infiltrated the perimeter. we have no idea how shitbutt got in the house but it was walking around with poops attached to its ass. we finally booted it out.

the next day we were watching tv and a cat came on the tv and was like meow meow and we were like weird. then it kept going after the cat on tv was off tv so we were like wtf? so my friend walked into his roomates room to find that sometime in the night, shitbutt had snuck back into their apartment and crashed on the bed, thus spreading his shitass all over.
who let shitbutt in the house!

gross, get that shitbutt away from me.

dude, is shitbutt your cat?
by hoboman September 12, 2003
Canadian Television show.The best Television show ever.

It was about a dog who went around helping people. It also had the best theme song ever.

"Theres a voice that keeps on calling me,
Down the road is where I'll always be,
Every stop i make,
I make a new friend,
Cant stay for long just turn around
and I'm Gone again"
Lassie is the Littlest Hobos bitch.
by hoboman February 13, 2004
similar to totally, but with a scrotal factor.
dude, that performance was scrotally stupid.

man, lets get some beer.

dude, is that guy a homo?

you are scrotally infected with herpes.
i know.
by hoboman September 12, 2003
the sound it makes when a vinegar truck collides with a water truck
me: whoa, look at those trucks, theyre gonna crash!
trucks: doosh!
by hoboman September 12, 2003
The act of being lazy, incompetent and overall stupid.

Additonally, you could look like a guppy.
Gurpreet is very stupid and is thus gurpish.
by Hoboman November 26, 2003

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