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3 definitions by itsnotup2u

Being over sensitive, too easily offended or hurt, similar to a clitoris.
He can dish it out, but he sure can't take it, he's so clitoral.
by itsnotup2u May 21, 2007
21 12
Gay Hotel Orgy. Common acronym on chat sites.
I'm hosting a wild bareback GHO on the weekend, you should turn up.
by itsnotup2u May 10, 2007
11 3
Hanging around where you're not wanted. A pesky hanger-on who won't take a hint and take the slip. Similar to a set of balls.
We've been trying to ditch this loser for hours, but he's as scrotal as they come.
by itsnotup2u May 21, 2007
5 7