To express displeasure in ones suggestion.
Girl: You want to go to the movies toight?

Guy: Screw
by JohnnyMize April 10, 2003
a partner, friend or homie. Popular in Houston, TX after the advent of Screw music.
Wassup screw?? What you been up to?
by virtue76 January 01, 2013
This word has several slang meanings. They are:
1) To engage in casual sex with someone.
2) To give someone a dirty look (In London at least).
3) To give someone a poor deal.

Because of this, a sentence like "he screwed me" can be somewhat ambiguous and so context is important.
1) She's such a slut, she screwed Billy the other night and Davey the night before.
2) So we broke up on Monday and then when he walked past me yesterday he screwed me and I just flipped out.
3) So I just wanted to buy those chocolate chip cookies because they are the best thing on this Earth but oh my god that guy in the shop screwed me over so much, I mean since when did five little cookies in a packet cost so much? I swear they were one pound yesterday and now they're like four pounds, almost.
by Aisatea July 29, 2014
To look someone up and down in a sour way
Did u see the way she was screwin me?

Just coz I stepped over her foot by accident don't mean she can screw me like dat
I said sorry
by Jess :) :p January 03, 2014
The main thing that the cold prevents in Minnesota.
Say, Mom, we haven't screwed since the Truman administration, you betcha!
by hoze February 14, 2005
A term usually used as an insult, meaning uncool, and is commonly refered to as a synonym for gay.
The opposite of nails.
Guy: That guy has nice abs.
Guy 2: WTF you're so screws.
by dinomoo February 12, 2011
a jailguard
look out for the screw while I drink this
by beat beat your meat August 03, 2003
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