refers to a technique of remixing rap music which developed in the Houston rap scene in the early 1990s by Robert Earl Davis Jr. aka DJ Screw. This is accomplished by slowing the tempo.
"If It's Too Fast I Can Screw It Up"
#screw #screwed up #screw music #screwed and chopped #dj screw #screwston
by PlayasNation May 26, 2009
A type of music that is at a half speed.
It is mainstream popular in southern states, and disliked by many.
Why is that music slow, baby?

It's called screw, Grandma.
by Maurice July 02, 2003
slow music originated from Texas
Down here we play screw too.
To leave or go someplace else. Also a way to tell someone else to leave.

Originally comes from WW2 navy slang.

Used by older folks mainly in Mass and NH.
hey screw will ya pal?
#screw #new england #leave #hit the road #vamoose
by salisbury beach jerk August 16, 2010
To do wrong by someone. To give someone a raw deal.
Hey, this is only half of what you promised! Why you want to screw me like that?
by ziptied April 02, 2003
sheffield slang: to get angry or annoyed; to rant, complain
if me mum finds out i've took that tenner she'll screw
#nag #moan #complain #rant #go mad
by black market baby January 19, 2008
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