Many people think, this euphemism for having sex, is based on the analog of a metal screw and how a guy seems to be driving that screw in, when experiencing intercourse... but few realize at its start it was a farm expression, and describes the shape that many beast penises take when erect... such as pigs. Which also explains why we have the phrase, 'porking'.

Unconsciously perhaps, this also accounts for why sex is so exciting (beastal, animalistic, natural, basic, lower brained, automatic, lust driven, unintellectual, etc. ) and so disrespected.... same reasons as just stated for exciting.
They screw like animals.

They are so screwed!!

Ewww... they are such pigs! They screw everywhere with no concern!

Screwing is so... animalistic!
#screw pork beastal #basic #natural #animalistic #lust
by jonadark April 22, 2009
If you are in big trouble, then you use it, or if your gonna beat someone up or as a subsititute 4 the f word
"Im gonna screw u up"
"I'm Screwed, The police are after me"
"I saw him Screwing mandy in the closet"
by eViLbEn February 13, 2004
Like fuck, can mean either the act of making love to someone, or an expression of disgust, meaning that one desires to forget, ignore, or cease doing something.
"Oh, fuck this!"
by Bowman June 16, 2002
Song by Hank Williams Jr.
Why don't we get drunk and screw!!
by LaniRotten October 06, 2003
1. To have sex with someone.
2. Something placed into a wall.
3. Placing the person you had sex with in a wall.
I screwed bobby into a wall!
#sex #driver #drive #screwdirvier #poo
by simon gardner September 12, 2006
To be fucked, to get ripped off, or to be in great trouble. Often used in conjunction with violently.
My car was stolen, so I'm violently screwed!!!
by shellybasser April 13, 2003
slowed down music that came from the one and only 713(h-town)
that song sounds badass screwed
by la_chula April 14, 2005
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