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the areacode for tha one and only h-town

the tightest city
Im from that Houston 713
by la_chula April 14, 2005
the sexiest cuban nigga wit green eyes that ive ever seen that sings the freaky-ass song"toma"
Damn pittbull is comin to h-town and im gonna go see him
by la_chula April 14, 2005
NOT the best nickname for Sabrina
ASbs is a bitch ass nick name for Sabrina
by la_chula April 17, 2005
the sexiest puerto rican nigga that ive ever seen
Damn i really want to go see Daddy Yankee in concert
by la_chula April 14, 2005
slowed down music that came from the one and only 713(h-town)
that song sounds badass screwed
by la_chula April 14, 2005

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