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An expresssion used when... eh... fuck this.
Fuck this, I don't want to define this word.
by yipppeeeKAYyay January 18, 2006
Used as an expression, usually for losing interest.
"Your car ran out of gas. We need you to help us push it to a gas station."
"Fuck this, I'm walking."
by skillshit September 11, 2005
used when you just dont give a fuck about it anymore
me: "fuckin urban dictionary didnt publish my defination, why im gonna... eh fuck this"
by UDcanfuckitself April 27, 2010
The best line in the song, Alerion by Asking Alexandria.
Fuck This!

Cross my heart, and hope you die.
by XMDX72993 October 09, 2010
It means, like if you don't like something you say it
"man fuck this dude, this is gay"
by fastcr80 April 12, 2005