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Inu - Japanese for dag.
Yasha - Japanese for deamon.
You guessed it, dog deamon
A kick ass show on cartton network.
Monday threw Thurseday Cartton Network at 11 CST
by Whito October 16, 2003
MIP is short got Minor In Possesion
(weed, alcohol, etc..)
I got a MIP when that pig found a 20 sac on me.
by Whito October 10, 2003
Houston slang for "shut up nigger"

(not in a racist way)
Guy 1- "I fucked your mom"
guy 2- "Shubni"
by Whito October 22, 2003
A bandana
I always got my blue rag.
by Whito October 09, 2003
Music slowed to half its original speed. Good to listen to when your high.
We bang screw when were fucked up.
by Whito October 09, 2003

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