Meaning A crap only with "s" in front of it
This is bull 'scrap'!!

Oh Sugar Scrap!!!

Holly scrap!!!

by John Dooris December 10, 2008
to fight, wrestle (wut eva da fuck u wanna call yo fightin)
Ay Bitch we can scrap right now
by Hot Atl Mama December 23, 2004
So scrap generally means "to fight". It is frequently used in past tense rather than in proactive terms, however both are completely acceptable. In my experience in Georgia, this is a term native to Savannah - i've never met a non-Savannian who knows what it means, but this is confined to the state. So i'd attribute SAV as it's origin. Plus, it's SAV-home of Camouflage (the crazy rapper who was killed a few years ago... and who rapped about SAV).. who would expect less for the vernacular.
"My brother and i used to scrap alot when we were kids... but we're tight now"

"You wanna scrap??!?!?"

"Did you catch those two girls scrapin' in the parking lot?"
by LauLau March 07, 2006
Loose leaf chewing tobacco, left over from the process of making plug tobacco, and sold in pouches. In recent times, as the popularity of plug tobacco has declined, scrap is manufactured exclusively for bagging, rather than merely being a byproduct of plug manufacturing.
I prefer scrap to plug - "Red Man" is my favorite.
by Rod Brock July 26, 2006
to beat a nigga ass till he cant breath
Aye nigga scrap that motha fucka. That nigga skeet on your shorty
by john david March 17, 2005
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