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Derives from New York(Mainly Upstate). A term of endearment; substitutes for nigga or homie. Usually used to describe someone really close to you.
wuz good scrap
who Jae? Yea das ma scrap!
Yo where ma scraps at?
by JaeO August 17, 2008
the ability to hold one's own in a fight
that kid's got scraps man, he just whooped the hell outta that guy!
by urn March 29, 2006
The little bits of fat left in the bottom of the fried fish display counter. Chip shop bosses will often sell you the 'scraps' on a roll or a bap for a very cheap price. Common in north east England, particularly Darlington.
ee you want scraps with yer bap love?

No ta I'm on a diet.
by Silverback April 24, 2008
A hilarious term used to describe the act of masturbating, or jerking off.
1. Oh man my balls are going to explode, i need to go home and scrap.

2. So then i pulled out and just scrapped all over her tits...it was great.

3. Oh man did you see the buns on that broad? She's going right into my scrapbook.

4. Hey man, is it weird to let your dog watch you scrap one out?

5. Oh man, i was scrapping and i finished on the floor, then my dog came by and licked it all up. I watched the whole thing happen, and i let it happen, but then i barfed a little.

6. What is it about watching "The Dog Whisperer" that makes me want to scrap?
by Jacob P. Galvitron January 09, 2009
The act of killing someone who is very weak as a result of just having an intense battle with someone and winning. Normally used in videogames.
"Yeah I killed you!"

"But I just finished fighting Johhny! Scraps to the max!"
by SlaminDiClop September 28, 2009
a school yard showdown usally for shits and giggles or over a hoe.
Yo dont be making on my girl man wanna SCRAP.
by T-revvovert April 01, 2008
A word used normally when someone realises that they have forgotten something or have not done something the right way; Used to express surprise; Scrap contains the two words 'Crap' and 'Snap' that equal "scrap".
Oh scrap! I forgot my homework at my house! Mrs. Jones is gonna kill me!

Scrap, I totally just messed up that pick-up line.

I almost ran that red light! Scrap!
by Melissa A. Kekich September 12, 2008