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This pokemon will rape you with bubbles.
With a smile on its face.
1:Dude, its squirtle!
1:OWWWW!!, my ass!
by Teh Epic Lulz May 27, 2010
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The cuddliest pokemon evar that is a morph between a squirrel and a turtle
Ash : Go Squirtle!
Squirtle: Squirtle! Squirtle!
by Will =D July 01, 2009
At any point in climax of intercourse, you grab a pail of water and proceed to spit all of the water on to his/her genitalia.
"Me and my girl were having sex last night, we ended up doing the squirtle (My Favorite)."
by beastfromtheregulareast February 25, 2011
It used to be what this turtle pokemon would yell in a hoarse voice when it squirted water out of it's mouth. Now, it what you yell when you shoot your load into a girl, preferably imitating the hoarse, messed up yet triumphant tone of the turtle pokemon as your dick, squirtle-like, shoots it's fire fighting fluid.
girl: Oh Baby, that feels so good, please don't shoot into me!
guy: Squirtle!
girl: Fuck, you are retarded. And now you are going to be a daddy.
by mr. squirter April 15, 2010
When a male whips out his penis while screaming "squirtle i choose you" then he yells out "use bubble beam" at this stage the male shoots out bubbles made of his ejaculate, which are free to float around and burst in peoples faces.
Person A:Did you see john squirtle at the cinema?
Person B:Yeah, the son of a bitch hit me!
Person A:Suck shit!
by XenonNe May 08, 2013
A girl, who is able to squirt. The female is able to gush a clear, odorless liquid out of their pussy's when reaching orgasm.
- I think I am in a dry spell, I didn't get lucky at all again last night... how about you?

I caught myself a Squirtle last night!

- Damnnn those are rare! :o Why won't a wild Squirtle ever appear before me :(

Yeah very thrilling and hot indeed, but I hate changing the sheets everytime
by 1p4life January 02, 2013
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