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Punk ass blue wearin bitch made sewer rats, cops are scraps too fuck them too
WHAT THE FUCK? that scrap is all iced up, lets go ice him squirtle, Bust a scrap in the lip watch the red color drip
by triplestack September 25, 2010
song that makes you wanna "slap" someone in the face becuase it "slaps" so hard
ay that nigga from triplestack slaps

yea i heard about him he from the bay

man erybuddy in the bay slaps
by triplestack September 25, 2010
a maney ass white rapper from the bay he bang norte and he came from 24th street and capp street inmission district in SAN FRANSISCO, his namestriplestack because everybody in the bay stay smakcin themthizz pills and we only fuck with triple stacks
ay niga you bouta go to that triple stack gig tonight?

hell nah that nigga wack

triplestack is the business

o TRIPLESTACK, yea he slaps
by triplestack September 25, 2010

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