"Faggot ass niggas dat couldnt hang wit real norteños so they started wearing blue to fit in, This aint no American Me Movie"- Get off my block, norteño song
wat dem niggas doing wearing blue up here in Nor Cal lets go mopp on those scraps
by NOR*CAL January 08, 2005
a punk ass surat cock the hammer back blow his brains out of his dodgers cap
did u see that scrap? yeah he tried to mad dog right up till i busted him in the eye.
by kingofkingzxiv January 20, 2005
1. A dumb bitch that should look at his map for claiming south up in the North Bay.
2. Surenos that cannot leave L.A. do to high probability of death by Enes in California.
3. Tramp ass sluts that ain't down for shit unless with homeboys.
4. Blue wearing faggot also known as sewer rat.
Ene 1: There's some scrap walking by with his head down.
Ene 2: Hey he's the same lil' bitch that wanted to start shit when he was with his homies, lets see if he has balls now.
-Scrap notices the Enes are coming and starts running away-
#sureno #x3 #scrap #sewer rat #bitch
by .Silent:: October 30, 2007
1.- scrap= what northern mexican gang members call their rivals "los surenos". it's a word used by "los nortenos" of red, to direspect southern mexican gang members of blue.

2.- scraps= Being able to fight
Norteno#1- Look at em scrapz over there!
Norteno#2- yea i see them pull out yo strap
Wayne- man, i fought that lil dude over there.
Zach- yea how is he?
Wayne- the kid's got scraps
#nortenos #surenos #13 #14 #chapete #fight #punk out
by fuckustreetzleavemealone June 06, 2009
Rochester, NY slang that is equivalent to Homie, Associate, Partner, etc.
EX: My scrap John Doe won't be here for a minute, let's chill.
#wodie #bo #friend #associate #homie
by TheGuyWhoBroughtYouGoodWeed November 03, 2012
Punk ass blue wearin bitch made sewer rats, cops are scraps too fuck them too
WHAT THE FUCK? that scrap is all iced up, lets go ice him squirtle, Bust a scrap in the lip watch the red color drip
#scrap #scrappy-doo #sewer rat #joker #scrap killa
by triplestack September 25, 2010
Girls that are drunk at a bar or club and have not been taken home by a guy before closing time.
The last time I saw John he was walking over to Shenanigans to try to pick up some of the scraps.
#scrappin #scrap #whore #sex #drunk
by "Dirty" Brown July 23, 2009
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